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About Us

What is Keezel?

Keezel is an Internet encryption device that uses VPN technology to secure any Wifi connection you’re using (airport, hotel, coffee shop etc) and protect you and your devices from hackers, trackers, and online snoopers.

Why Keezel?

There’s no such thing as an online life and an offline life anymore. The two have completely overlapped and are intertwined to the point of no return. And just as you need to protect your physical, personal belongings, you need to do the same with your online ones, i.e. your confidential information, your financial data, your private conversations and so on. This is where Keezel comes in: your portable, personal, one-button online privacy & security device that encrypts any Wifi connection and keeps hackers and other snoops at bay. In addition, it also does a great job of democratizing the Internet and providing you equal access to what the web has to offer, no matter where you live, travel, or study.

Who is Keezel?

Aike Müller is founding father of the Keezel. Aike’s career in information management and IT security began as an M&A IT expert at PwC. He went on to co-found a government-contract consulting firm specializing in automated assurance. As a freelance consultant Aike worked on process and supply chain assurance for national and international clients in logistics, retail and sustainable agriculture. He developed Keezel as a solution to security issues he encountered while working at client locations.

Friso Schmid is co-founder and the business strategist of Keezel. He started his career as an IT consultant at Capgemini, where he worked with national and international clients. Friso left Capgemini to join the government-contract consulting firm with Aike. Friso and Aike rejoined in 2013 to work on the early version of Keezel.

Keezel is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 62658506. BTW number (VAT number) is NL854906253B01. Our office is at Bos en Lommerplein 290, 1055 RW Amsterdam. We can be reached at or +31 85 0091 279.

Online Security for Every Device. Everywhere.

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