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Q: Does my device work with keezel?

A: Keezel works with every device that uses "regular" WiFi (802.11 family of standards) for internet connection. This means it works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, media players, smart TV's. Your brand is not important, as long as it can use WiFi internet. 

Q: What is keezel VPN connection like?

A: Keezel works with some of the best VPN providers in the world. Keezel combines these great networks and chooses the best available connection in the region you have selected, every time you connect! This way you'll get the most out of your connection.

Q: Does keezel work without the premium service?

A: Keezel also works without the premium VPN service. You can choose to use our basic service, which offers the same high level of encryption, but will operate at lower speeds and with less locations to choose from.

Q: You are talking about Privacy & Security, what is the difference?

A: Protecting your privacy means that other people can’t see what you are doing online. For example: when you use your smartphone on a WiFi network at work, in a hotel or in a coffee shop others can see what you are doing and communicating. Providing security means that keezel makes it difficult for malicious hackers, phishers and other intruders to steal your passwords, credit card information, your identity, etc. 

Q: Can I watch all movies, TV shows and sports games that I want with keezel? 

A: Keezel does not ‘have’ or ‘offer’ online content. With keezel, however, you can circumvent censorship and geographic restrictions by connecting to the country of your choice. Now you can use the internet as if you are there. For example: You are in Europe and want to watch the TV show you started at home in the US. It turns out to be unavailable in Europe. With keezel you simply select the US and you can continue where you left off.  

Q: How will you know my shipping address?

A: Right before shipment we will send an email to all backers asking for their current preferred shipping address. 

Q: What are the advantages of keezel compared to VPN software?

A: Keezel works without installing software on your devices. Keezel is more secure because your device is never connected to the internet without an encrypted connection. Regular VPN software solutions always bear a risk before the connection is established and of information leakage in a side channel. Keezel also works with multiple devices simultaneously and on devices that don't allow software installation, such as screenless media players or corporate laptops.

Q: Can I use my own VPN service with keezel?

A: We believe that the keezel service is the best VPN solution available. We want to keep it as simple as possible. There is no option to configure other VPN services. However, we are cool with people who want to flash their own OS on their keezel.

Q: Why won't keezel to keezel (stretch goal 1) be included in the basic service?

A: We will have to keep a service running so the keezels can connect each other, therefore we can’t afford to include it in the basic service.

Q: Does keezel to keezel require both devices to have an internet connection?

A: Yes. With keezel to keezel both devices need an internet connection to establish a connection. 

Q: Can I use my premium service on more than one keezel?

A: You can use your premium service (connect to worldwide locations at high speeds) on one of your keezels at the same time. If you want to use two keezels simultaneously with high speeds, you'll need premium service for both of them.

Q: Does keezel work everywhere, even when my government restricts access?

A: No, everywhere is just too much to ask :) First of all, you'll need a WiFi network for your keezel to connect to. It will work in the vast majority of situations, but on rare occasions internet can still be restricted. Technically it is possible for network administrators to block many ports making connections difficult. However we will make sure keezel works in as many situations as possible. In addition, for VPN to work, your keezel must be able to reach VPN servers, which some countries try and block. It can be a cat and mouse game, but our VPN partners are among the best in the world to help in offering server availability and top performance. 

Q: I'd like to blog or write a bigger story about keezel. Where can I find more material or a press kit?

A: Great! You can find our press page (press kit, media kit) with a press release, photos, video and more information right here:

Q: When will Keezel ship?

A: Keezel ships on a first-come first-serve basis between early April and June